Administrative divisions of the Holy Luthori EmpireEdit

  • Metropolitan County (Greater than 1.2m people) - Non-Metropolitan County (Less than 1.2m people)
  • Metropolitan Districts - Non-Metropolitan Districts
  • Parishes

Region of Fort WilliamEdit

  • Greater Fort William Authority (Fort William)

Region of OrangeEdit

  • Agathion (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Liore (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • New Salem (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Penkurth (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Glanchester (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Caershire (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Monmouth (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Kirekwall (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Hull (Non-Metropolitan County)

Region of GeharonEdit

  • Clamfwydd (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Oakthwaite (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Sandulka (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Shippington (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Williamsborough (Metropolitan County)
  • Murrayfield (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Stanmore (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Rutherglen (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Holsworthy (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Doncaster (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Satbury (Non-Metropolitan County)

Region of TinakoEdit

  • Horncastle (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Louth (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Middenhall (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Randamar (Metropolitan County)
  • Archmouth (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Perthlochry (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Auchendale (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • New Cresthill (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Wealdstone (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Old Ashton (Non-Metropolitan County)

Region of UtagiaEdit

  • Adlerberg (Metropolitan County)
  • Aldwyke (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Oalapo (Metropolitan County)
  • Trehaven (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Black Hollow (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Sharpton (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Dewhurst (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Nerton (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Westwend (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Peterborough (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Redwater (Non-Metropolitan County)

Region of YodukanEdit

  • Laloquon (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Northminster (Metropolitan County)
  • Richbrough (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Youk (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Oakheart (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Acton (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Yarlford (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Thorpes (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Walden (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Culcheth (Non-Metropolitan County)
  • Martslock (Non-Metropolitan County)

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