The Artanian Nationalist Conference (Dundorfian: Artanische Nationalistische Konferenz) is the successor to the Alliance of Artanian Nationalist Movements. The Artanian Nationalist Conference formed from the former political party and political group of the Artanian Union. The Artanian Nationalist Conference remains a pro-Artanian Union organization but condemns any sort of federal structure for the Artanian Union. The organization's founder is considered to be Dorvish Social Nationalist Party politician Burkhard Voigt who served as the first President of the Alliance of Artanian Nationalist Movements; the headquarters of the Artanian Nationalist Conference in Autenburg, Largonia in Dorvik is named the Burkhard Voigt Building.

The Artanian Nationalist Conference is a collection of nationalist, traditionally right-wing political parties, organizations and individuals who are generally supportive of the Artanian Union but are otherwise skeptical of a federal structure such as the early Artanian Union with the Artanian Council of Representatives that acted as a de jure supranational legislature.


The Artanian Nationalist Conference was originally founded as Alliance of Artanian Nationalist Movements (AANM) (Dundorfian: Allianz der artanischen nationalen Bewegungen; AANB) as a right-wing Artanian political party which was founded by the Dorvish Social Nationalist Party in 3500. The organization was led by Dorvish legislator Burkhard Voigt, a member of the Social Nationalist party in Dorvik. The AANM sought to balance state sovereignty and an effective Artanian Union while ensuring collective security and prosperity.

The AANM was organized similarly to many other Artanian political parties at the time, it was led by an elected council comprising a president, a vice-president, a secretary-general and a treasurer. As of the parties foundation in June of 3500 Burkhard Voigt had served as president with a council solely from the Dorvish SNP. The council was elected at a party council held every five years which elects supreme council members as well as discusses policies of the party. The initial composition of the AANM was of four parties from Ibutho, Rutania, Luthori and Dorvik.

The AANM eventually transformed into the Artanian Nationalist Conference in 4200 after a collective meeting of members. Johann Ehrenberg, who serves as the current President of the Artanian Nationalist Conference, is a Rutanian nationalist and has advocated for a return to many countries of Artania to the Artanian Union and to reform its political structure further.


The Artanian Nationalist Conference retains much of its former organization. The organization overall is headed by an elected President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary-General and a Treasurer. The primary body of the Artanian Nationalist Conference is the Political Conference which convenes every month to discuss issues relating to the organzation.

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