Collective Cooperation Organization
Kollektive Organisation für Zusammenarbeit
Formation June 11th, 3598
Type Military alliance
Headquarters Haldor, Dorvik
Membership 5
Official languages Dundorfian and Luthorian
Secretary-General TBA

The Collective Cooperation Organization (CCO; Dundorfian: Kollektive Organisation für Zusammenarbeit; KOZ) is a international cooperation and intergovernmental military alliance founded by Georgijs Stieber, chairman of the Dorvish Social Nationalist Party on June 11th, 3598 to "...promote security, peace and order throughout the world". The organization was founded as a major coalition of nations against the Zardic expansionism throughout the world. It was founded during the Northern Artanian Crisis (3590s) and includes members from Dorvik, Indrala, the Imperial Commonwealth, the Holy Luthori Empire, Kafuristan, Beiteynu and Hulstria. The Collective Cooperation Organization is currently an observer to the Council of Terran States.



Current members

Collective Rapid Reaction ForceEdit

The Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF; Dundorfian: Kollektive Schnelle Eingreiftruppe; KoSEG) was created after the end of the Northern Artanian Crisis to better respond to crises throughout the world and to permit member states to work together through military cooperation and joint military exercises. CRRF operates out of bases in Dorvik, Kafuristan and Indrala, giving them reach throughout a large majority of the world. Dorvik is the largest contributor to the CRRF with Indrala and Kafuristan coming in a close second, like the rotating leadership of the organization, the CRRF has a rotating commander and requires member states to have permanent attaches to the organization.

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