Dark Empire
Motto: Empire and Emperor
Location of the Dark Empires cities on Anor
- Dark Emperor
- Dark Hand
Autocratic Absolute Monarchy
Borar III
Narvi Glinarv
Legislature Dark Council of Nobles
Historical Dates
Racial Information
Official language Dwarven, Anori
Capital Bizarak
Major Fortresses
Bizarak - Nulukkhath - Naragzir

The Dark Dwarven Empire also known as the Dark Empire is a major nation on Anor. The Dark Dwarven Empire split from the powerful Dwarven Empire in 11SC after the Dark Hammer War. The Dark Dwarven Empire is ruled by the Dark Emperor a hereditary absolute monarch from the Tharak clan; the current Dark Emperor is Borar III who ascended to the throne when his father, Borar II was founded dead in his throne room.

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