State Joint Stock Company Dorvish Defense Export (Dundorfian: Staat Aktiengesellschaft Dorvische Verteidigung Export) (Dorvische Verteidigung Export S.AG) is the state-owned arms industry of Dorvik it is an independent state-owned public limited company which is a registered subsidiary of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. The Dorvish Defense Export was established by the Dorvish Stability and Security Group and was transferred over to the MECD.



The Director-General of Dorvish Defense Export is Wilhelm von Fölker who serves as chairman of the management board and Dietmar Saller who serves as chairman of the supervisory board. The majority stake of the corporation is owned by the Government of Dorvik but there are several private investors who hold large minor shares in the company.


Armed Forces of Dorvik topics
Leadership President of the Dorvish Republic - Supreme General Staff - Ministry of War - State Security and Defense Council - Dorvish General Staff building
Branches Dorvish Landwehr (Army) - Dorvish Marine (Navy) - Dorvish Fliegertruppe (Air force) - Dorvish Jäger (Special forces) - Dorvish Feldjäger (Military police) - Military Security Service (Military intelligence)
General Order of battle of the Armed Forces of Dorvik - Military equipment of the Dorvish Armed Forces - Dorvish defense industry (Artanian Defense Group, Ebner AG) - Dorvish Defense Export - Rank, insignia and uniforms of Dorvik
History Reichsheer - Collapse of the Dundorfian Reich - Dorvish-Vanuku Arms Deal
Awards and decorations Counter-Insurgency Badge - Iron Cross (2nd Class & 1st Class) - Dorvish Cross (with Oak Leaves, with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds and with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds)

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