North Micana
Location Largonia
Settled 2754 A.D.

Frostenbruck is one of the largest cities in Miktar, located in Dorvik. Frostenbruck was considered for centuries to be the "Gateway to Kirlawa" due to it's large international airport as well as center of Dorvish-Kirlawan trade, however the city eventually lost its place in the mid-2100's when Ussendorf and Nereibach began to grow due to their closer proximity. Frostenbruck however serves as an important center for Dorvish-Kirlawan history and remains as one of the largest centers of Dundorfian Kirlawans after their expulsion by the Kirlawan government.

Government and politicsEdit

Frostenbruck is divided into several boroughs and has an elected Mayor (Dundorfian: Bürgermeister) and an elected City Council (Dundorfian: Stadtrat).


Frostenbruck relied for centuries on it's primary trading economy, at one point nearly 175,000 trucks passed through Frostenbruck but that number has since fallen. Due to the fact that Frostenbruck is the closets major airport aside from Heneruck to the Black Mountain Chain it serves as a very popular tourist destination and serves as a hub for those travelling to the Black Mountain Chain that separates Miktar and Largonia.

Due to its southern location many warm-weather crops are grown in and around Frostenbruck leading it being an incredibly important agricultural center in Dorvik. Frostenbruck hosts major offices of the Dorvish Agrarian League.

Demographics and cultureEdit

Due to its former place as the hub of trade and commerce with Kirlawa some 20% of the population draws on Kirlawan heritage, notably from the Kingdom of Kruthia.

Although having been built originally as a city for trade with Kirlawa the city has evolved into a large cultural center. With some influences from other cultures do to the city, the architecture of the city remains conservative. The city has a local law, that no building may exceed 15 floors, which allows for rather ancient skyline.

Cities of Dorvik
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