The Imperial Diet of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Reichstag) is the lower house of the Dundorfian Reich. The Imperial Diet is a 200-seat proportionally representative legislature, it is currently lead by the Imperial Chancellor (Dundorfian: Reichkanzler) Alois Friedrich, who was lead the chamber since 1939. Friedrich is a member of the Imperial Party.



Political partiesEdit

  • Imperial Party (Dundorfian: Reichspartei)
  • Imperial People's Party (Dundorfian: Reichsvolkpartei)
  • Imperial Conservative Party (Dundorfian: Reich Konservative Partei)
  • Imperial Union (Dundorfian: Reich Union)
  • Dundorfian National Party (Dundorfian: Dundorfische Nationale Partei)
  • Socialist Party of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Sozialistische Partei Dundorf)
  • Bolshevik Alliance (Dundorfian: Bolschewistischen Allianz)


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