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Administrative status
Region Westmark
Nation Dorvik

Küssingen formerly Oststadt (Dundorfian: East City) is located on the island of Westmark in Dorvik. Oststadt was renamed after the General-Plenipotentiary for State Administration (charged with overseeing the Dorvish state and local administration) worked with the Dorvish Culture Commission (Dundorfian: Dorvisch Kulturkommission) to discover the origins of the city. It was promptly renamed after documents show that the city was not named after settlers from the eastern portion of Westmark and that its location-based name did not fit the "...culture of Westmark."

Küssingen is the largest city on Westmark and serves as the provincial capital. Küssingen remains as one of the largest ports in the Dorvish nation, along with Hauzenwald and Fairfax it shares a major portion of the Dorvish shipbuilding industry despite its near artic-conditions. Küssingen is a tourist attraction due to its proximity to Bad Anskreis, a popular ski resort in Westmark.


Government and politicsEdit

Demographics and cultureEdit


Cities of Dorvik
City of Haldor (Konigsburg)Capital Haldor (Boroughs: Central District, Wasse am Kas, Betzen, Eppen, Arenheim, Waiberndorf, Schrichenstein, Schlene-Treseheim)
20px Kordusia Vilnau (Provincial Capital) - Hauzenwald - Kordaw - Schrudehofen - Bad Innsnau
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Flag of Miktar Miktar Königheim (Provincial Capital) - Frostenbruck - Kriesefels - Oppenbruck - Ussendorf - Ashausen - Osterschau - Ostmark
Flag of Mothar Westmark Küssingen (Provincial Capital) - Dargun - Lissenfeld - Trelin - Bad Anskreis
Flag of Dorvan Dorvan Vinisk (Provincial Capital) - Fairfax - Medestein - Ransestadt - Königsstadt - Weißenrath

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