Coat of Arms of Kordaw240px
Location Kordusia
Settled 1452 A.D.

The City of Kordaw is a city located just east of Haldor, the Volksrepublik Dorvik capital. Originally the cities were founded a couple kilometers away from each other, but due to rapid urbinization and both being capitals during times, the cities have grown to just be sperated by the Kordusian Bay.


The population of Kordaw is some 852,425 residents, much less then its sister city across the bay. Anyhow, it has some 1,785,452 visit it daily, due to business transactions, sports events, and tourism.


Kordaw is heavily reliant on the nations capital Haldor. Kordaw has been given the responsibilty of managing the Kordusian Bay Taxi which transports some 1,122,547 passengers daily across the Bay back and fourth. Much of the business conducted in Kordaw is due to the large area restrictions in Haldor. Kordaw also relies on tourism and small industry such as stores and markets in its economy.

Cities of Dorvik
City of Haldor (Konigsburg)Capital Haldor (Boroughs: Central District, Wasse am Kas, Betzen, Eppen, Arenheim, Waiberndorf, Schrichenstein, Schlene-Treseheim)
20px Kordusia Vilnau (Provincial Capital) - Hauzenwald - Kordaw - Schrudehofen - Bad Innsnau
Flag of Largonia Layern Schwarzenbüren (Provincial Capital) - Lenebach - Schlandseruck - Weinsedorf - Zitadelle - Alsburg - Großengeismar - Saalfeld - Grenzmark
Flag of Miktar Miktar Königheim (Provincial Capital) - Frostenbruck - Kriesefels - Oppenbruck - Ussendorf - Ashausen - Osterschau - Ostmark
Flag of Mothar Westmark Küssingen (Provincial Capital) - Dargun - Lissenfeld - Trelin - Bad Anskreis
Flag of Dorvan Dorvan Vinisk (Provincial Capital) - Fairfax - Medestein - Ransestadt - Königsstadt - Weißenrath

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