Location Mothar
Settled 2850 A.D.

The City of Kriesefels formerly known as the City of Trent or Trent City is the second largest city in Mothar, Volksrepublik Dorvik.


Kriesefels numbers a large population of some 1,452,854 people including 10% Davostani.


Kriesefels, aside from Dargun is the largest port exporting and importing products from Telmon, Davostan, Hutori and Keymon. The annual GDP of Kriesefels is some DDO 45.422 million. Its harbor produces some 74 ships on average per year making it one of the largest ports in Dorvik. Trent City also has a large fishing business, being surpassed only by a couple cities having an annual market share of some 7.2% in the Dorvish Fish market. It is considered a gateway port between Dovani and Northern Artania.


Placed very high north, Kriesefels experiences often harsh cold weather. It is built in hilly territory overlooking the ocean that separates Dovani and the Dorvish Peninsula making it a popular winter resort destination and home to the wealthy and powerful.


Due to its nature of a business and economic like city, the majority of buildings in Kriesefels (aside from homes and conventional common use buildings) happen to be skyscrapers. They today form modern Kriesefels and its skyline.

Cities of Dorvik
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Flag of Mothar Westmark Küssingen (Provincial Capital) - Dargun - Lissenfeld - Trelin - Bad Anskreis
Flag of Dorvan Dorvan Vinisk (Provincial Capital) - Fairfax - Medestein - Ransestadt - Königsstadt - Weißenrath

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