The Dorvish Navy (Dundorfian: Dorvische Marine) is comprised of XX ships.


Class Picture Ships Notes
Medved-class nuclear attack submarine
Nuclear powered attack submarine
Russian Borei-class submarine
Fürstenscheid-class conventional submarine
Non-nuclear submarine
U-139 (3979)
U-251 (3979)
U-355 (3979)
U-491 (3979)
U-176 (3979)
U-338 (3982)
U-276 (3982)
U-112 (3982)
U-431 (3982)
U-276 (3982)
German Type 212 submarine


Class Picture Ships Notes
Kordusian-class Frigate
Air defense frigate
Transitioned to a GMD/Multipurpose frigate
DMS Kordusia
DMS Dorvish-Uwakah
DMS Layern
DMS Miktar
DMS Westerland (4023)
DMS Dorvan (4024)
DMS Schleskau (4024)
DMS Krentorland (4025)
DMS Gavonstadt (4026)
DMS Obernordhafen (4027)
DMS Mittelberg (4028)
DMS Schwarzsteinberg (4029)
DMS Borzarland (4030)
DMS Grunwald (4031)
DMS Merkan (4032)
DMS Kaiserneir (4033)
German Sachsen-class frigate
Named after states or former administration regions of the Dorvish state and Dundorfian Reich.
Ostmark-clas Frigate
Multipurpose frigate
DMS Ostmark
DMS Grenzmark
DMS Frostenwald
DMS Zitadelle
DMS Autenburg
DMS Essen
DMS Vinisk
DMS Vohrau
DMS Westermark
German Brandenburg-class frigate
Named after historical regions of the Dorvish nation.
Vijf Staten-class frigates
Air-defence and command frigate
DMS Vanuku
DMS Hermann von Bismarck
DMS Dietrich Krebs
DMS Prinz Raimundshafen
DMS Isthmus Coast
Dutch De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate
Named after historical people and regions of Dorvish Majatra


Class Picture Ships Notes
Haldor-class Corvette
Multipurpose corvette
DMS Haldor I
DMS Aeschelman
DMS Frostenbruck
DMS Lissenfeld
DMS Hauzenwald
DMS Ransestadt
DMS Fairfax
German Braunschweig-class corvette
Named after cities of the Dorvish nation.

Combat support shipsEdit

Class Picture Ships Notes
Oststadt-class minesweeper
DMS Oststadt
DMS Aeschelman
DMS Frostenbruck
DMS Medestein
German Ensdorf-class minesweeper
Named after cities of the Dorvish nation.
Schrudehofen-class replenishment ship
Heavy replenishment ship
DMS Schrudehofen
DMS Hauzenwald
DMS Haldor III
DMS Schrudehofen II
DMS Schrudehofen III
DMS Schrudehofen IV
German Berlin-class replenishment ship
Named after coastal cities of the Dorvish Nation.
Frostenwald-class tanker
Heavy replenishment tanker
DMS Frostenwald
DMS Kerkeneik
DMS Wolfsfeld
German Rhön-class tanker
Named after forests in the Dorvish nation.
Hof-class tanker
Coastal replenishment tanker
DMS Amrisnach
German Walchensee-class coastal tanker
Named after lakes in the Dorvish nation.
Kas-class light replenishment ship DMS Siezenfurt
DMS Klosterrau
German Elbe-class replenishment ship
Named after lakes in the Dorvish nation.
Czimnetz-class fleet service ship DMS Czimnetz
DMS Bingen
German Oste-class fleet service ship
Named after lakes on the Artanian continent.

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