The Selbstschutzverband (Luthorian: Self-Protection Associations) sometimes abbreviated as SSV are primarily social organizations dedicated to former military officers of post-Dundorfian Reich states, however underneath the leadership of Reichsführer Wulf Rädler the group expanded to include paramilitary units that are made up of Auslanddundorfische residing in foreign countries. The first of these units being the Free Majatran Legion which has taken up volunteers from all Majatran countries, notably from former Dorvish allies of Kafuristan and Al'Badara. During the Cildanian Civil War (3875-3880) the SSV raised two new regiments one of Cildanian Auslanddundorfische and one of Duntrekkers who are considered to be Auslanddundorfische.

Many of these regiments are equipped with older equipment and are often disarmed immediately when they return home.

Free Majatran LegionEdit

Main article: Free Majatran Legion

The Free Majatran Legion (Dundorfian: Legion "Freies Majatrien") was established by Oberstgruppenfuhrer Konstantin Darzi and Reichsleiter Victor Werkner (Chief of the Volksdundorfische-Majatran Office) to assist the Al-Sadhi Organization in the Kafuri Insurgency (3886). The Free Majatran Legion was founded as a means for Dorvik to avoid directly entering into the conflict, armed with older weaponry and equipment, they were dispatched to Kafuristan underneath the organization of a Dorvish infantry division with an estimated strength of 20,000 men drawn from local Volksdundorfische through Majatra. The Free Majatran Legion fled Kafuristan at the collapse of the al-Sadhi regime, they returned to Dorvik and were subsequently disarmed by the State Security Service with their weapons to be stored for a later date.

At the outbreak of tensions between Cildania and Al'Badara and the subsequent invasion, the Free Majatran Legion was re-armed and re-trained and dispatched to Al'Badara alongside the Volunteer Infantry Regiment "Gert van Tassel" (raised of primarily Duntrekkers) and Volunteer Infantry-Regiment "Maharbaal" (raised of Cildanian Volksdundorfische who remained in Cildania after the Cildanian Civil War). The Free Majatran Legion is armed with mostly Dundorfian Reich and post-Dundorfian Reich era equipment, they have however been known to capture and use enemy equipment.

Freiwillige Infanterie-Regiment "Gert van Tassel"Edit

Freiwillige Infanterie-Regiment "Maharbaal"Edit

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