Majatran-Dorvish Bank
Majatran-Dorvische Bank
Type Aktiengesellschaft
Traded as DSE: DMB
Industry Banking, Financial services
Founded 1698, Dorvish Majatra (Historical)
1900, Dorvik
Headquarters Uddin building (Dorvik)
(57 Volksstraße, Haldor, Kordusia)
Area served Dorvik, Majatra
Key people Silmi Uddin (Chairman)
Constantin Horten (CEO)
Services retail and commercial financing services, investment banking services, asset management & private banking services, credit cards
Employees 31,764

The Majatran-Dorvish Bank is a global financial services and banking company that operates primarily out of Dorvik and many countries on Majatra. The bank traces its roots back to Dorvish Majatra which was the collective name for Dorvish colonial holdings. The Majatran-Dorvish bank is responsible for a large majority of investment into the Majatran continent and its people, today it primarily operates out of Kafuristan, Jakania, Al'Badara, Vanuku, Selucia, Solentia and Barmenia. The leadership of the bank is a joint agreement between Majatrans and Dorvish, who hold the two most senior positions. Traditionally the bank has been dominated by Kafuris, due to the closeness of the two nations but with the recent collapse of relations between the two nations it had passed to several Al'Badarans and several Vanukuanese.

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