The Majatran Organization for Industrialization is a Kafuristan-based organization which is sponsored by the Dorvish Federation and the Dorvish Stability and Security Group. The organization was founded on an agreement with Jakania however the deal fell through and Kafuristan eventually picked up the deal with Dorvik. The MOI headquarters is located in Nekkah, Kafuristan. The MOI was developed first as a means to assist rebuilding the Armed Forces of Jakania and developing a defense industry in Jakania, however the Jakanians decided to side with the Zards and the plan fell through. The Dorvish and the Kafuri have been close allies and the Kafuri government decided to pick up the the tab for the matching capital investment.

The Majatran Organization for Industrialization is headed by an elected Chairman who heads the Supreme Committee, the Supreme Committee is the highest body of the MOI. The Supreme Committee is composed of members of the Dorvish defense industries and the Kafuri defense industries, the MOI is responsible for a majority of the production of Kafuri-based equipment. The MOI is a member of the International Arms Trade Commission, an organization dedicated to the monitoring of arms deals throughout the world.

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