Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development
Ministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
Logo of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Agency Overview
Formed December 1st, 3411
Jurisdiction Government of Dorvik
Headquarters Kröger Complex, Haldor
Employees Classified
Annual budget 20b DDO
Minister responsible Oswald Krause, SNP
Child agency Dorvish Oil Company
Dorvish Mineral and Mining Company
Dorvish Defense Export

The Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Dorvish: Ministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung) is a federal ministry in the Dorvish Government responsible for management of state-owned industries, developing federal policy on foreign and domestic investment and development as well as regulating and analyzing socioeconomic and business development.




The Dorvish Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development is primarily responsible for foreign investment and directing domestic investment overseas to both Dorvish allies and neutral states. In the past couple of decades the Dorvish Stability and Security Group handed over the Dorvish Defense Export to the MECD. The MECD attempted to create the Majatran Organization for Industrialization with a security and arms deal with Jakania however the deal fell through and the organization fell dormant. The organization was recently restarted with Kafuristan cooperation and has been a major source of business for the ministry.


  • Office of the Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Department of Federal Property Management
  • Department of Federal Holdings Management
  • Department of International Economic Development
  • Department of International Economic Cooperation
  • Department of Economic Oversight and Regulation
  • Department of Administration and Organization


  • Krastyu Kröger (May 1st, 3415 - November 1st, 3442)
  • Dr. Alexei Matveev, D.WWS & D.I.W (July 1st, 3445 - present)

Ministry ownershipEdit

  • The Dorvish Oil Company (Dundorfian: Staat Aktiengesellschaft Dorvische Öl; Dorvische Öl S.AG) is the federally owned natural gas and oil producer in Dorvik. It's primary area of operation is north of Kordusia where vast noted oil reserves were discovered off the coast by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The Dorvish Oil Company maintains upstream, midstream and downstream activities and owns various subsidiaries to manage these areas.
  • Dorvish Mineral and Mining Company (Dorvische Mineral-und Minengesellschaft, Domin) - Federally owned mining and mineral company which the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development overtook from the Dorvish Ministry of Finance at the Ministry's creation in 3411.
  • The Dorvish Defense Export (Dundorfian: Staat Aktiengesellschaft Dorvische Verteidigung Export; Dorvische Verteidigung Export S.AG) is the federally owned defense industry organization. It is responsible for the out-going arms and arms deals throughout the world, it is responsible for all sales of arms and closely cooperates with the Armed Forces of Dorvik.


At the Ministry's creation in 3411 many members of the opposition believed that the ministry was intended to create state monopolies on the largest industries in the Dorvish Federation. President at the time, Yaroslav Markovic released a statement which condemned the movement by the opposition as "useless banter by those wishing to undermine the Federation". Minister of Finance Moritz Neumann approved the move and hailed it as a relief for the Dorvish Finance Ministry which had been under much duress with handling foreign and domestic policies on socioeconomic and business development.

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