Enlisted ranksEdit

  • Soldier (Soldat - general title), Gunner (Kanonier – foot artillery), Pioneer (Pionier – pioneer branch). Other unit-specific enlisted ranks were: Fusilier (Füsilier), Grenadier (Grenadier), Huntsman otherwise Light-Infantryman (Jäger), Dragoon (Dragoner), Hussar (Husar), Cuirassier (Kürassier), Uhlan (Ulan), Fusilier Guard (Garde-Füsilier), Grenadier Guard (Garde-Grenadier)
  • Lance Corporal (Gefreiter)
  • Senior Lance Corporal (Obergefreiter)

Non-comissioned officers (Junior)Edit

  • Corporal/Sub-Officer (Unteroffizier)
  • Sergeant

Non-comissioned officers (Senior)Edit

  • Deputy Sergeant-Major (Infantry: Vizefeldwebel/Vice-Feldwebel, Cavalry and Artillery: Vizewachtmeister/Vice-Wachtmeister)
  • Sergeant-Major (Infantry: Feldwebel, Cavalry and Artillery: Wachtmeister)
  • Staff Sergeant Major (Etatmässige Feldwebel)

Warrant Officers and Officer CadetsEdit

  • Cadet (Fahnenjunker) – served as cadets in the various military academies and schools.
  • Ensign (Fähnrich)
  • Deputy Officer (Offizierstellvertreter)
  • Acting Lieutenant (Feldwebelleutnant)

Officers (Sub-altern)Edit

  • 2nd Lieutenant (Leutnant in the infantry, cavalry and other arms, Feuerwerksleutnant in the artillery)
  • First Lieutenant (Oberleutnant, Feuerwerksoberleutnant)
  • Staff Captain (Infantry and Artillery: Hauptmann/Kapitän II Klasse, Cavalry: Rittmeister II Klasse)
  • Captain (Infantry and Artillery: Hauptmann/Kapitän I Klasse, Cavalry: Rittmeister I Klasse)

Officers (Staff)Edit

  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant)
  • Colonel (Oberst)

Officers (General)Edit

  • Major General (Generalmajor)
  • Lieutenant General (Generalleutnant)
  • General of the Infantry, General of the Cavalry, General of the Artillery (General der Infanterie, General der Kavallerie, General der Artillerie)
  • Colonel General (Generaloberst)
  • General Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall)

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