Location Dorvan
Settled 2450 A.D.

Galinik is a city located in Northern Mothar, in the Volksrepublik Dorvik. It is the largest film producing city in Northern Artania, presenting some 10 per month.


The city of Galinik has a large Deltarian population, hence a quite Slavic name for the city. 27% of cities population is Deltarian, although previously the numbers swayed at 54%-60% during the days of the Free Republic of Dorvik. Anually the population of Galinik is estimated to be some 500,000 residents.


Galinik has a very unique economy. Almost 80% of the cities profits comes from film making or something relating to TV appearences. It since has hit a golden age, producing various types of films such as animation, drama, realizim and especially war films. The films produced in Galinik count for 79% of the films and TV related objectives in Dorvik. It counts for some 29% of film production in Artania anually, being the largest film producing city in Artania sweeping nearly one third of the production.


Considering the film producing abilites of Galinik, it has a terrible climate to go along with them. Hence, most films happen to rarely be produced outdoors and if done so, possibly in other areas of the island. It is often raining or snowing, being one of the farthest North cities in the Volksrepublik Dorvik. As it has been described, rarely does the sun shine.


Galinik is also a big sports center, having one of the largest sports arenas in the countries. Many residents of the city are active fans of Dorvik's national sport, Football.

Cities of Dorvik
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