The Reichsheer (Luthorian: Imperial Army) is the land and air component which makes up the armed forces of Dundorf. The term "Armed Forces of Dundorf" is commonly used however does not technically exist. The Reichsheer consists of the Reichsheer itself, which is the land forces component and the Reichsfliegertruppe which is the air forces component. The overall command of the Reichsheer falls to the Reichs Chancellor who serves as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief (Dundorfian: Oberbefehlshaber) of the Reichsheer. Unlike other countries the Ministry of Defense does not exist, instead of the Oberkommando der Reichsheer (OKR) exercises civilian and military control over the military. The Chief of Staff of the Oberkommando der Reichsheer serves as the "Minister of Defense" and directly represents the military in civilian matters.

The Oberkommando der Reichsheer is comprised of numerous components but is primarily composed of the two main commands the Oberkommando des Heeres (which commands the land forces component known as the Reichsheer) and the Oberkommando der Reichsfliegertruppe (which commands the air forces component) as well as a dozen other important administrative and operation offices and departments.

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