General structureEdit

  • Kaiser (Honorary Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Ehrenoberbefehlshaber)
  • Reich Chancellor (Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Oberbefehlshaber)
  • Reichsheer (Modern)
    • Supreme Army Command (Oberste Heeresleitung)
      • Reichsheer (Army) - Heeres Kriegsleitung (HKL)
      • Reichsfliegertruppe (Air force) - Fliegertruppe Kriegsleitung (FKL)
  • Ministry of the Interior
    • Reich Police (Ripo)
    • Criminal Police (Kripo)
    • Secret Reich Police (Gerepo)

Supreme Army CommandEdit

  • Chief of Staff of the Supreme Army Command (Chef des Stabes der Oberste Heeresleitung)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff of the Supreme Army Command (Generalquartiermeister)
  • Oberquartiermeister I
    • Abteilung I - Central Department
    • Abteilung II - Operations Department
  • Oberquartiermeister II
    • Abteilung III - Army command department
    • Abteilung IV - Air force command department
  • Oberquartiermeister III
    • Abteilung V - Intelligence department
    • Abteilung XII - Political leadership department
    • Abteilung XIII - Public, news and media department
  • Oberquartiermeister IV
    • Abteilung VII - Military technical and research department
    • Abteilung IX - Material, armaments and defense technologies production department
    • Abteilung X - Military historical studies and research department
  • Oberquartiermeister V
    • Abteilung VI - Military education and studies
    • Abteilung VIII - Personnel resources and administrative department
  • Oberquartiermeister VI
    • Abteilung XI - Foreign cooperation and foreign military diplomacy department

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