Trelin Span Bridge, a major landmark of Trelin.
Location Mothar
Settled 2454 A.D.

Trelin also known historically as Prinova is a city in Mothar, it is home to the Artanian Catholic Church since 3190 when several large tracts of land were purchased from the Trelin City Council. Trelin has fared extremely well since the Artanian Catholic Church purchased lands in Trelin; the increase in tourism has led the city to flourish and expand quickly.


Being on the west coast, Trelin faces the open ocean. Weather tends to be very harsh year-round. However, Trelin is an important jumping-off point for research helicopters traveling to study the tribes of Dovani's east coast, and its heliport is the largest in Mothar. The Heliport itself is not actually located in the city; it is in the village of Volekiv, to the north of downtown Trelin.


Trelin's population is steadily growing and is estimated to be about 1,253,000 people, many of them are mostly Mothin. Trelin has received a huge boost in foreigners since the Artanian Catholic Church bought land in Trelin.


Trelin has a small economy mainly consisting of exporting wood and mass producing things such as books. It also has many manufacturing plants which manufacture various items but at a small scale. The majority of its economy is interior trade, having large numbers of markets, auctions and businesses that operate within the area influence of the city. Tourism increased tremendously in 3200 when the Artanian Catholic Church begun to open it's churches to tourist and pilgrims from all over Terra.

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