— City —
Vilnau (Uni. Wroclaw)
Administrative status
Founded Unknown
Population Unknown
Region Kordusia
Nation Dorvik

Vilnau is the provincial capital of the Province of Kordusia, a Province of the Dorvish Republic and one of the largest cities in Dorvik. Vilnau served as the largest city in the Grand Duchy of Kordusia and remains a city close to the its Lorman heritage by blending Dundorfian and Lorman traditions together. Vilnau has the largest single concentration of Lormans in Dorvik as it previously served as the largest settlement of Lormans; Miktar has the largest population of Lormans in Dorvik.

Vilnau has remained at the center of Dorvish politics for centuries as a bastion of conservative ideals and nationalistic beliefs. Vilnau is considered to be an incredibly wealthy city as Vilnau is close to Haldor being only a 45 minute drive from Haldor and serves as an escape for many wealthy nobles. Vilnau constitutes a rather significant portion of the Dorvish GDP, the Ministry of Finance's last report states that 2.5% of the Dorvish GDP comes from the city and its businesses.


Government and politicsEdit

Demographic and cultureEdit

Vilnau is home to many important cultural locations of the Dorvish and Lorman culture, notably the Volkshalle (Luthorian: People's Hall) which was first created as a meeting place for the Dundorfian Kaiser and the Dorvish King, it eventually became a theater and opera hall for the Dorvish people. Volkshalle has remained a cultural location and is now owned by the Kordusian Ministry of Education and Culture with partial funding coming from the national Ministry of Education and Culture. Vilnau is also home to several branches of the State University of Kordusia namely the Strategic Studies Institute and the Defense and Security College which share a building formerly owned by the Ministry of War.


Economically Vilanu is an important tourist city as well as very important business city to the Dorvish international and national economics.

Important and historical buildings in HaldorEdit

Cities of Dorvik
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Flag of Mothar Westmark Küssingen (Provincial Capital) - Dargun - Lissenfeld - Trelin - Bad Anskreis
Flag of Dorvan Dorvan Vinisk (Provincial Capital) - Fairfax - Medestein - Ransestadt - Königsstadt - Weißenrath

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