Location Dorvan
Settled 65 A.D.

Vinisk is a city on the Northern coast of Dorvan Staat, in the Volksrepublik Dorvik. For years it was the largest city in Dorvik, and was accepted as the countries cultural capital until recently. Vinisk experiences large tourism activies due to its unique building structures. Vinisk is also the name of the Royal House which ruled Dorvik until the revolution in 2000, they have their name from originating from the city of Vinisk.


Vinisk was for the most part a large city which relied on argricultural production, mining production and fishing. Currently, 27% of Dorvik's companies are based in Vinisk making it the second largest GDP after Haldor. Vinisk annually has a GDP of DDO 851 Billion. It is the second largest economic center after Haldor and is the second most visited city in Dorvik.


Large amounts of Vinisk's population are composed of the native group, Dovans. Some 75% of the population are islanders, and only 15% are mainlanders.Vinsk has a large foreign population counting for 10% of the population. This includes: 5.5% Alorians, 2.5% Davostani, 3.0%. The total population of Vinisk is an estimated 1,185,952.


Vinisk has a quite modern skyline with many modern building styles. It also though, has a rich and large amount of older buildings which have been renovated through the years and which have been expanded. Vinisk has the largest collection of buildings older than 250 years then any other city in Dorvik.

Cities of Dorvik
City of Haldor (Konigsburg)Capital Haldor (Boroughs: Central District, Wasse am Kas, Betzen, Eppen, Arenheim, Waiberndorf, Schrichenstein, Schlene-Treseheim)
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Flag of Mothar Westmark Küssingen (Provincial Capital) - Dargun - Lissenfeld - Trelin - Bad Anskreis
Flag of Dorvan Dorvan Vinisk (Provincial Capital) - Fairfax - Medestein - Ransestadt - Königsstadt - Weißenrath

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