Wasse am Kas
— City —
Administrative status
Mayor Ioan Nikolaev
Founded Unknown
Population Unknown
Region Haldor, Kordusia
Nation Dorvish Federation

Wasse am Kas also known as Wasse is a major borough of Haldor in Dorvik. Wasse is on the Kas river, though officially a borough of Dorvik's capital city, Wasse is considered to be autonomous and independent in its politics due to its financial importance to the Dorvish nation.

Wasse is on the Kas river, a natural river that formed sometime in the 1100s; he river became a strategic defensive position for Haldor during the various wars and conflicts of both the Kingdom of Dorvik and the Dundorfian Reich.



Wasse remains a strong center of the Dorvish culture even though it has become a large administrative center of the Dorvish Republic. The last census stated that nearly 85% of the citizens residing in the city were Dorvish with the largest make ups being Hulstrian, Dundorfian and Vanukeanen.

Government and politicsEdit

Wasse is governed by a Mayor who is elected in a popular election. Wasse is among the many cities in Dorvik that major political parties are nearly non-existent and has long been dominated by independent forces.

Law enforcementEdit

The Dorvish Police maintain a heavy presence in Wasse am Kas due to the presence of many corporate headquarters, both domestic and foreign. Wasse am Kas has a dedicated Schutzpolizei battalion assigned to it due to its importance. There are also units of the State Customs Administration's Hafensicherungstruppen (Luthorian: Harbor security troops) assigned to patrol the Kas river and provide an extra layer of security alongside the Dorvish Police and the Wasse am Kas protection battalion.


Wasse is a district of Haldor, the capital of Dorvik and has become a major political and financial center for the nation. Wasse is home to the Wasse Mercantile Exchange, a commodities exchange which is the second-largest exchange in Dorvik next to the Dorvish Stock Exchange which has offices in Wasse. Aside from the power financial and corporate sector of Dorvik, many tourist come to Wasse for it's fast-paced tourism and beautiful sights. Wasse is home to many large churches in Dorvik and home to numerous parks and green areas.

Volksstraße (People's Street in Luthorian) is the home to many headquarters as Wasse am Kas is the "financial" district of Haldor.

Corporations with headquarters in Wasse am Kas

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