— City —
Weißenburg (Schwerin Castle)
Administrative status
Founded Unknown
Population Unknown
Region Kordusia
Nation Dorvik

Zitadelle (Luthorian: Citadel) is a minor city located on a partial island/peninsula off the southern coast of the Dorvish province of Largonia. Zitadelle is home to Weißenburg or "White Castle" which is home to the von Salzer-Neuhäusser family who are the Grand Dukes of Largonia. Zitadelle is notable as it was constructed as a fortress to defend against Alorian aggression during the early 14th century and eventually evolved into a ducal estate for the von Salzer-Neuhäusser family.

Zitadelle has lost most of its defensive structures, the walls of the Weißenburg were torn down and replaced with fields and gardens in the late 19th century as a means of de-escalating conflict with neighboring Reich states. A vast majority of Zitadelle was destroyed during the Collapse of the Dundorfian Reich period of history where it served as launching point for naval invasions into Aloria.


Government and politicsEdit

Zitadelle has an elected Mayor and a city council system.


Demographics and cultureEdit

Zitadelle has a small population numbering around 135,000 as of the last census taken in 4030. Economically Zitadelle relies on tourism as its primary source of income due to the gardens and lands of the von Salzer-Neuhäusser family.

Geography and climateEdit

Zitadelle is considered a peninsula due to its connection with the mainland but at times with storms at sea or high tide, it becomes and island. Zitadelle is considered to be a much warmer climate then the rest of Largonia and Dorvik as a whole due to it being almost as far south as the Alorian coast.

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